«Eternal Breath – A Breath Through Time«


DOROTHÉE HAHNE »commentari III« for recorder and electronics – for Dorothee Oberlinger

GIORGIO MAINERIO »Shiarazula Marazula« & »La Lauandara Gagliarda« from »Il primo libro de balli accomodati per cantar et sonar d’ogni sorte de instromenti«

WILLY MERZ »Spiralia« for stone flutes, recorder, strings and B

ANNA FRIEDERIKE POTENGOWSKI »Aare« & Bird improvisation

ANTONIO VIVALDI Concerto for Recorder, Strings and B. c. D major, RV 428

GEORG WIELAND WAGNER »Wadawishung Pade« & »Mayuman – a song from the world of unmeasured time«

ANTONIO VIVALDI Concerto for Recorder, Strings and B. c. in G minor, RV 439 »La Notte«

Epilogue: Wisdom

Dorothee Oberlinger Recorders

Anna Friederike Potengowski Stone recorders

Georg Wieland Wagner Percussion

Werner Ehrhardt Violin, Musical Direction

l’arte del mondo

As a protagonist of Ancient Music or a compulsory part of elementary school education – the recorder is a familiar, albeit unpopular instrument. When Dorothee Oberlinger, however, plays her often underrated instrument, it shines as a glamorous soloist. The virtuoso musician owns approximately one hundred recorders of all sizes, brilliantly rendering a diverse repertoire ranging from medieval times to contemporary pieces. Together with Anna Friederike Potengowski, a specialist in prehistorical bone flutes, the

percussionist Georg Wieland Wagner and the ensemble l’arte del mondo, she has put together a breath-taking kaleidoscope of sound over the course of human history. This also includes the history of the recorder and flute – human breath transformed into sound through the ages.

Followed by a Meet & Greet

Image © Felix Bröde

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