Schlossfestspiele Ludwigsburg
Regional wood and traditional craftsmanship
Interview with master violin maker Bernward Goes

Quatuor Ébène and the Rothko String Quartet recently made the Ordenssaal resound. But you can also expect particularly moving moments of string music with »Anastasia Kobekina Vivaldi«, the »Minguet Quartett Shubert«, and »Renaud Capuçon Schumann« in this year's Schlossfestspiele program. We took the opportunity to look behind the scenes of string instrument making. We talked to Bernward Goes, owner of the master workshop in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, about his profession and the differences between making a cello and a violin and the suitable wood. 

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Schlossfestspiele Ludwigsburg
The 2030 Transformation Agenda
By design not by disaster!

As a global roadmap, the 2030 Agenda is intended to set in motion a transformation that makes a good life possible. A cultural institution like the Ludwigsburg Festival would also like to contribute to this path.

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