ROBERT SCHUMANN Piano Quartet in E flat major, op. 47

WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART Five four-part fugues from JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACHS »Wohltemperiertem Klavier II« arranged for string quartet, KV 405

ROBERT SCHUMANN Piano Quintet in E flat major, op. 44

Isabelle Faust Violin

Anne Katharina Schreiber Violin

Antoine Tamestit Viola

Jean-Guihen Queyras Violoncello

Alexander Melnikov Piano

The Ludwigsburg Festival is rooted in the spirit of chamber music. Therefore we regularly invite you to exquisite groups of musicians: As a quintet, Isabelle Faust, Anne Katharina Schreiber, Antoine Tamestit, Jean-Guihen Queyras, and Alexander Melnikov present works by Robert Schumann and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In his Bach arrangements, the latter successfully reanimated the Baroque fugue. Schumann used it in the finale of his op. 44 and op. 47 of the fugato, a fugue-like passage. In the third movement of his piano quartet, he not only created one of the most beautiful melodies of the Romantic period but also laid an important foundation for the genre as such. Enjoy this carefully curated ending from an evenly carefully curated quintet.


A recording of the concert is available on our Digital Stage. It will also be broadcast by SWR2 and Deutschlandfunk Kultur at a later date.


dates and tickets


20 Jun



Karten 42 ⁄ 49 ⁄ 59 €


20 Jun