»Dialogue of the musical worlds«

PETER TCHAIKOVSKY »April. Das Schneeglöckchen« from »Die Jahreszeiten - 12 charakteristische Stücke«, op. 37b

SERGEI TANEYEV »Kanzone« in F minor
KINAN AZMEH «In The Element«

PETER TCHAIKOVSKY Serenade for Strings in C major, op. 48

Kinan Azmeh Clarinet

dogma chamber orchestra

Mikhail Gurewitsch Concertmaster

Approximate 90 minutes

Typical Peter Tchaikovsky is emotional symphonic music, which sometimes simmers romantically, and sometimes is characterized by triumphant chords. Typical Tchaikovsky are also intimate, restrained piano pieces: The many colourful timbres the Russian composer brought forth during his musical career will be presented in the Rittersaal in Wolfegg. Elegantly and unagitated, the musicians there musicians first tell of delicate snowdrops and the approaching spring from Tchaikovsky’s »Die Jahreszeiten« before his famous string serenade is heard. Beautiful, lively melodies and cheerful waltz passages meet here with sentimental elegance.

But you know it won’t be an ordinary Tchaikovsky evening when you read the names »Kinan Azmeh« and »dogma chamber orchestra« in the programme. Known for their joy in combining different musical styles, Kinan Azmeh’s own atmospheric compositions will echo through the hall. The renowned clarinettist brings rhythmically relaxed melodies from his homeland of Damascus, which perfectly contrasts with Tchaikovsky’s works and proves that even sounds as different as these can flow together into a harmonious concept.

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Production image © Liudmila Jeremies

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16 Sep



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