Franz Schubert Impromptus op. 142

Sergei Prokofiev «Visions fugitives«, op. 22

Texts by the participants

Hanni Liang Piano

Timo Brunke Concert poet

Simon Schneckenburger Camera

Nico Schrenk Camera

Daniel Kling Sound

Doris Schopf Light/projection

Alexander Joseph Light/projection

Alina, Arno, Christoph, David, Elisa, Greta, Hannah, Jana, Kaitlyn, Lea, Niklas, Sarah, Timon und Widmar Participants of the workshop »Spoken Moments Poetry«

On 13 June, a special participatory format will celebrate its premiere on the Digital Stage. »Spoken Moments Poetry« is a beautiful combination of self-written poetry and music, which 17 people created with the pianist Hanni Liang and the concert poet Timo Brunke. The 15- to 72-year-olds processed waking, angry or happy moments from their lives. The productions are accompanied by the sounds of Sergei Prokofiev's »Visions fugitives« and Schubert's Impromptu op. 142 - the result is a poetry of the moment. Let the poetry concert surprise you on the Digital Stage. 

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13 Jun


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