LOUISE FARRENC Overture No. 2 E flat major, op. 24

ROBERT SCHUMANN Violin Concerto d minor, Wo0 1

JOHANNES BRAHMS Symphony No. 4 in E minor, op. 98

Renaud Capuçon Violin

Mahler Chamber Orchestra

Anja Bihlmaier Musical direction

Nothing less than man and his creative existence will occupy the Mahler Chamber Orchestra during its 2024 residency. Together with conductor Anja Bihlmaier and violinist Renaud Capuçon, the orchestra will perform gripping Romantic music by Schumann, Brahms and Farrenc. Brahms' uncompromising Fourth Symphony, Schumann's atypically dark-coloured Violin Concerto in D minor and the grandly proclaimed work by a woman all provoked controversial reactions at the beginning. But while Schumann's concerto was hidden away in the back of a cupboard as the work of a madman, Brahms' symphony eventually spread like wildfire as progressive orchestral music. The French composer Louise Farrenc, who was held in high esteem by Schumann, set foot in the field of orchestral music for the first time with her overtures. This was quite unusual, as composing was a purely male domain in the 19th century. The complex orchestral works shine in their beauty with top-class instrumentation and offer you pure musical enjoyment.

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Image © Marco Borggreve, Warner

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23 Jun



Karten 35 ⁄ 55 ⁄ 75 ⁄ 85 € Festspielgäste in Ausbildung 15 €

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