A »Thank you« for the future

Instead of bouquets: Trees and flowering meadows

It is actually a very nice tradition when artists are presented with flowers at the end of a concert. In the spirit of sustainability, however, we would like to express our gratitude in the long term and instead of bouquets we give away certificates of tree and flower meadow sponsorships.

To make at least a small contribution to counteracting the immense extent of the climate catastrophe and the associated extinction of species, we are investing in the future - on behalf of our guest artists. In addition to numerous sustainability efforts that we pursue as a festival, we give away a renewable thank-you. Instead of magnificent but short-lived bouquets, we present certificates for the sponsorship of native trees or flowering meadows. The flowering meadows are sown in Möglingen on the grounds of the Jopp family's farm and offer insects and other creatures home and food. The regional reforestation is also supported by the campaign »Give the gift of a future - plant trees« by fit4future natur together with Hitradio antenne1 and the Ministry of Food, Rural Areas and Consumer Protection Baden-Württemberg. The flowering area is sown and provides a home and food for insects and other creatures.

We are pleased that the visit of our artists will thus have a long-lasting effect and leave a green footprint. Our Festival Forest and Festival Meadow will grow larger each year.