Welt Bürger Innen (Global Citizens)

Local thinking with global impact

The path to sustainability - that is ultimately the path of us all. As inspiration on the path from attitude to action, we have presented 17 people who are actively committed to a socio-political goal.

[This text has been translated electronically.] In the debate the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, the Ludwigsburg Festival would also like to mobilize people for the implementation of these important elements for a future worth living. Resulting the project »Welt Bürger Innen« (Global Citizens) was planned, which will take place in the cour d'honneur and some rooms of the Ludwigsburg Palace for the 2020 season. At a long table, 17 people who are committed to the 17 goals, were to enter into a dialogue with our guests. Afterwards, a parcours through the Palace was planned, where artists would present their work about the 17 goals.

This project could not be realized due to Corona. But the 17 goals and their related questions and problems have not disappeared. Quite on the contrary, the current situation makes their relevance and urgency even more apparent and clearly to the fore. The Ludwigsburg Festival set out on this path into the future. It is clear that it can hardly be done alone, but only together with people who are committed to these goals and who can accompany us with their experience and ideas.

According to the principle of one portrait per goal, we have found citizens of the world who sensitize and motivate us with their socio-political work. Global Citizens are people who think in a global way and therefore actively make a difference in their region. We want to present these people and give them a voice. If we set out the path to a more sustainable future, then we can only do so supported by those who enrich and accompany us with their knowledge and expertise. This is precisely why we see people from urban society, some of whose lives are inextricably interwoven with the 17 goals, as inspiring advisors and role models. You can find the portraits on our Digital Stage.