Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Serenade in B flat major for twelve winds and double bass, KV 361 »Gran Partita«

Franz Schubert String quintet in C major, D 956, op. post. 163

Members of the Festival Orchestra

Gustavo Surgik Violin
Ramin Trümpelmann Violin
Robin Porta Viola
Ana-Helena Surgik Violoncello

Vache Bagratuni Violoncello

Andreas Vogel, Eloi Enrique Oboe
Manfred Lindner, Leif-Marek Müller Clarinet
Andreas Kowalczyk, Hagen Bickel Basset horn
Michael Roser, Stefanie Rahm Bassoon
Stefan Helbig, Piotr Nowara, Matthias Stelzer, Karen Schade Horn
Nina Valcheva Double bass

The epithet »Gran Partita« under which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Serenade in B-flat-major has become popular was not invented by the composer himself. Rather, Mozart himself described his work as a »great wind piece of a very special kind«, referring mainly to its dimensions: with 13 instruments and seven movements, the work easily exceeded the boundaries of what was considered traditional music for winds. Amidst the picturesque atmosphere of Burg Wertheim, the work alternates between faster, playful episodes and slower, solemn passages – sometimes from one moment to the other. A short walk takes the audience to the Abbey Church, where one of Franz

Schubert’s last compositions will be heard. Deeply shocked by Beethoven’s death and himself gravely ill, impoverished and underappreciated, Schubert distilled all his profundity and desperation in his String Quintet. Full of dramatic contrasts and imbued with tragically transcendent beauty, it penetrates the soul – yet remains strange and elusive.

The event will take place as planned as a sidespecific concert with a walkthrough. The concert will begin in the castle and end in the church.

Image © Frank Sauter

dates and tickets


13 May



Burg Wertheim, Baden-Württemberg, Stiftskirche Wertheim, Baden-Württemberg

Wandelkonzert, beginning in the castle

Karten 12 ⁄ 28 €