FARN. collective

[This text has been translated electronically] The theater collective FARN was founded in 2016 as the successor of the independent theatre group »off deluxe« in Freiburg and consists of Sandra Hüller, Tom Schneider, Tobias Staab, Michael Graessner, Sandro Tajouri and Moritz Bossmann. Their first work »Bilder deiner großen Liebe« based on the text by Wolfgang Herrndorf, was successful at the Staatstheater Hannover, the Volksbühne Berlin, the Schauspiel Leipzig and the Prague Theatre Festival of the German Language. In 2019, the audio version of the production was awarded as audiobook of the year of the HR2- Bestenliste. In the fall of 2019 the FARN. collective presented their second production »Die Hydra«, based on texts by Heiner Müller at the Schauspielhaus Bochum.