Brad Hwang Residence

Artist in residence 2021

In the spirit of a »Festival of the Arts, Democracy and Sustainability« and also in the spirit of Joseph Beuys' proclamation »Everyone is an artist«, all Ludwigsburg residents were invited to join in. In this special year of distance, cohesion and the 100th anniversary of Beuys' birth, the Ludwigsburg Festival and Brad Hwang jointly recalled the transformative power of social sculpture.

»We met to weave and were woven together«

»I have always been preoccupied with building brief moments of community out of the fabric around me,« Brad Hwang writes about his work. The visual artist activates material that has lost its function. Everything he builds is meant to function: »But it is up to the participants to give this function a purpose through their participation, even if this purpose is meaningless, even unfulfillable«. 

As a prelude to a multi-year collaboration, Brad Hwang was a guest at the Ludwigsburg Festival for the first time this season. In this time in which human needs and social problems have become all the more apparent, Hwang moves right into the middle of these fields of tension. With the construction of an embracing machine and a mobile loom, he confronted us with the longing for human closeness and the search for social connection. His loom, which was found in various places in the city, was an invitation to all citizens to enter into conversation while processing textiles such as old pieces of clothing. The result is a collective work of art, a social sculpture in the form of woven material ultimately documenting the history of his experiences - like a woven record of the passage of time.

The artist residency is generously supported by the Wüstenrot Foundation.