»My First Piano«

Malakoff Kowalski Piano

The idea of reducing musical content to its essence leads the composer and pianist Malakoff Kowalski to create veritable piano poetry. Musically inspired by Johannes Brahms, Alexander Scriabin and 1950s and 1960s jazz, Kowalski’s compositions are notable for their calm sonic portraits and a tonal idiom of condensed expressivity. Musical rests are of central importance: as »spaces to sink into« they offer a kind of refuge from the continuous state of overstimulation today’s society is subject to. In addition to his new programme »Aphorisms«, Kowalski also introduces excerpts from his piano suite »Onomatopoetika« (2020) and his album »My First Piano« (2018).

This concert will also be broadcast acoustically in the courtyard of the Ludwigsburg Residence Palace.

Followed by a Meet & Greet

Image © Julija Goyd

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28 May



Karten 35 ⁄ 45 ⁄ 55 € Festspielgäste in Ausbildung 15 €