»Loud Silence« – Klezmer in the open air


Jerzy Bawoł accordion

Tomasz Kukurba viola

Tomasz Lato double bass

Approximate 75 minutes

Have you ever heard Polish Reel or Celtic Rembetiko? Musical impressions of this kind Polish klezmer stars KROKE bring to Wertheim, one of the largest historic stone castles in southern Germany. Between Main and Tauber their album »Loud Silence« is playing, which was released in 2022 and thus the whole range of the typical KROKE sound: from supporting to dancing, from melodic avant-garde and oriental klezmer to meditative bebop. The Klezmer of KROKE is constantly in search of something new. For that the musicians weave together personal experiences, their favorite genres and ethnic music from all over the world. 

The concert will take place outdoors as planned.

Production image © Jacek Dylag

dates and tickets


1 Jul



Karten 15 ⁄ 25 € Festspielgäste in Ausbildung 15 €

The concert will take place outdoors as planned.