Jerzy Bawoł (accordion), Tomasz Kukurba (viola), Tomasz Lato (double bass)

The trio KROKE formed 30 years ago and named themselves after the Yiddish word for »Krakow« – their hometown. Already during their studies at the Krakow Academy of Music, the three musicians experimented with jazz and other contemporary music. After initially being primarily a klezmer band, they expanded their musical language over the years, supplementing klezmer motifs with their own improvisations, Balkan sounds and Arabic patterns, for example. Their worldwide career was accompanied and favoured by encounters with Steven Spielberg, Peter Gabriel, Nigel Kennedy and David Lynch, among others. Their 25th anniversary was honoured in 2017 in the illustrated book Beyond Sounds. In October 2022, KROKE released its latest album »Loud Silence«.


© Jacek Dylag