A collaborative concert

Symphony Orchestra of the Eberhard-Ludwigs-Gymnasium Stuttgart

Girls choir of the Goethe-Gymnasium Ludwigsburg

Choir and Ensemble of the Helene-Lange-Gymnasium Markgröningen

Los Big Banderos from the Jugendmusikschule Ludwigsburg

What could a concert format of the future look like? With its answer, the format «Generation Future Music«, also in its second edition, moves away from a purely frontal event and becomes an all-around experience. For the first time, the Alte Reithalle of the Karlskaserne Art Center is a new free playground for forward-looking ideas. Young people from Ludwigsburg and Markgröningen have explored the essence of making music and being creative, and have used their experience to create a concert setting that focuses on the communal, communicative experience. You will not only listen to the excellent ensembles of the four participating schools but are also right in the middle of it – in an exciting and community-building overall dramaturgy.

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dates and tickets


12 May



Karten 15 € Festspielgäste unter 18 Jahren erhalten eine Freikarte.

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