Schlossfestspiele Ludwigsburg




»In this video, we wanted to show how the experience of the Belarus protests of 2020 was transformed into a piece of music by Olga Podgaiskaya's ›River City‹. The sounds, ideas and feelings that many Belarusians experienced in the summer of 2020 can be heard in this work.«

In this video edited together by Vitali Alekseenok, he combines his own film footage of the Belarusian protests from the late summer of 2020 with moments from the concert »The Unfinished Revolution« on 11 June in Ludwigsburg. Olga Podgaiskaya's piece »City River« can be heard, which was one of three world premieres of this concert. In it, she set to music the poem of the same name by Alhierd Bacharevi'c, which describes the protests in Minsk to which the government is reacting with harsh violence.

The concert was recorded by ARTE Concert and is still available in the media library until 8 December.

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