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Crowdfunding for the students’ project »Mini Mal Mut«

Four school classes from Ludwigsburg and the surrounding area are given the opportunity to Our project »Mini Mal Mut« gives four school classes from the Ludwigsburg area the opportunity to experience music in a new way. In experiment with sounds, their voices and their bodies and develop their own and develop their own pieces together with music teachers, which will be performed on Thursday, 23 June 2022 at 6 pm in the Musikhalle Ludwigsburg.

For the financial support of the project we need your support! We appreciate your donation at Depending on the amount of your donation, you will receive a thank you gift, for example a design poster of the Schossfestspiele or complimentary tickets to the open-air concert at the Monrepos Castle. Help us to reach the campaign goal of 8,000 and bring more music into schools!

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