»Maximum Courage with Minimal Music«

Original compositions by the participating classes

»Der Weg durch den Märchendschungel«

»Das kleine große Opus 1«



School at Favoritepark Ludwigsburg Class 4b

Primary School Weissach im Tal Class 4

Primary School Burgholzhof Stuttgart Classes H6 and H8

Reinhold-Nägele Secondary School Weinstadt Class 7a

Interludes by the tutors

Christina Eychmüller Violin, Tutor

Henrike Löchte Xylophone, Tutor

Melanie Heintel Violin, Tutor

Christian Zech Ukulele, Tutor

From courageous, minimalist chaos, ideas are born; ideas lead to motifs, and these motifs finally constitute musical wonders. This is a process explored by about 100 students from various schools, experiencing personally how performers playfully become composers. The principles of minimal music offer a perfect introduction, given their maximal possibilities. After all, music means much more than just reproducing existing works: it offers a huge blank canvas for sounds and is open to everyone, independent of their level of proficiency. After eight workshops, the students present what they have jointly experienced and created at the Musikhalle.

In Cooperation with creARTE e.V.

dates and tickets


23 Jun



Musikhalle, Ludwigsburg

One hour without a break

Karten 15 € Festspielgäste unter 18 Jahren erhalten eine Freikarte

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