Schlossfestspiele Ludwigsburg




»Why Classical Music?«

Please note: The audio is only available in german.

The question of all questions from four perspectives in Pudel's first episode: from the inside with Anna Lucia Richter, from the outside with Hartmut Rosa, from below with Ralf Köster and from above with Felix Kubin.

»Des Pudels Kern« is a new series of talks around classical music, pop, philosophy, art and science. We suck the fat, listen back and into the future. What does Mozart's Figaro tells us about the abuse of power, what does martial arts and bowing have in common and what do we learn from romanticism for life in the climate catastrophe? The Pudel offers listeners direct access to music and what it has to say: about the beauty of the world and the crises of our time.

A production by Elisa Erkelenz and David-Maria Gramse in cooperation with Kölner Philharmonie, Konzerthaus Dortmund, Heidelberger Frühling, Mozartfest Würzburg, Ludwigsburg Festival, Bochumer Symphoniker im Anneliese Brost Musikforum Ruhr and WDR 3.

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