Ludwigsburg Festival in autumn

Music, art installation and dance

[This text has been translated electronically] A triad of music, art installation and dance: Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch brought the legendary choreography »Kontakthof« to Ludwigsburg, and on 6 October the German premiere of the revival took place. Until October 10, »Voices from Belarus« offered an artistic podium to the voices of the Belarusian resistance in the Karlskaserne art centre. On October 2, the STEGREIF.orchester performed in the Schiller city of Marbach. Look forward to the upcoming season from May 5 to July 17, 2022!

Be Welcome to our autumn events on 6, 7 and 9 October, when the Tanztheater Wuppertal brings Pina Bausch’s legendary choreography »Kontakthof« to Ludwigsburg. The piece was first performed in Wuppertal in 1978. After the low-contact period during the Corona pandemic, the work puts its fingers into many wounds: Encounter, fear, rapprochement, violence, longing, desire, hatred; for the elementary relevance and simultaneous overstraining of interpersonal relationships, our gaze has been particularly sharpened in the last year and a half. The outstanding dance company from Wuppertal confronts us with this timeless work at the Forum am Schlosspark.

In the Kunstzentrum Karlskaserne, the project »Voices from Belarus« gives a voice to the peaceful Belarusian resisters. In performances that are as shocking as they are moving, three conceptual artists together with three musicians and a choir differentiated a picture of Belarusian society on October 3rd. From 5 to 10 October, the performances can be experienced as a freely accessible installation. Admission is free, the maximum number of visitors is 30.

On October 2, the STEGREIF.orchestra immersed the Schillerhöhe Marbach in its characteristic sound. Its project »#bfree«, which could be seen as a cinematic work on our Digital Stage until July 11, has now been performed live in Marbach. Starting with a sound installation at the Schiller Monument, the audience was introduced to the theme of the evening from 6pm: Europe. Inspired by Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, the »European Symphony«, the STEGREIF.orchestra negotiated a European utopia consisting of freedom, abolished borders, closeness and togetherness in a musically performative way.

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