Schlossfestspiele Ludwigsburg




[This text has been translated electronically] »My border crossers inhabit a world that I am still dreaming about: a world of fluid boundaries between countries and cultures, and between humans and machines.« Chico MacMurtrie

Robot sculptures that cross metre-high obstacles: The belief in fluid borders and cultures inspired the performance »Border Crossers« by Chico MacMurtrie. The New York artist questions the phenomenon of borders in a globalised world and highlights their absurdity. He uses technology equally as a stylistic device and impulse to establish cross-border dialogues. MacMurtrie emphasises the equality of people, especially against the background of conflicts over national and cultural identity. In doing so, the choreographed performance establishes a symbolic connection between two sides and stands for the overcoming of cultural, geographical and economic boundaries - such boundaries are, after all, man-made and can be abolished in the same way. »Border Crossers« is a gesture that could strengthen hope for peace in a place where reconciliation is considered impossible.

Chico MacMurtrie would have come to Ludwigsburg in the 2020 season with »Border Crossers«. This event had to be cancelled due to corona. One year later, you can now experience his performance in the livestream.

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