JOHANNES BRAHMS Klaviersonate C-Dur, op. 1

FRANZ LISZT Transkriptionen von Franz-Schubert- Liedern: »Der Wanderer«, »Der Müller und der Bach«, »Frühlingsglaube«, »Die Stadt«, »Am Meer«

FRANZ SCHUBERT Fantasie C-Dur, D 760 »Wandererfantasie«

Alexandre Kantorow Piano

Approximate 120 minutes

Alexandre Kantorow’s solo program tells of wandering, woe and daring, which revolves around the three greats of Romanticism: Johannes Brahms, Franz Liszt and Franz Schubert. The last two are united – apart from their besides their first names – a special connection, because the piano virtuoso Liszt was a great admirer of Schubert. Thus he bowed in the form of song transcriptions and the further development of motivic material, capturing the essence of the original in virtuoso lyricism, without alienating it. This high art is also dedicated to the outstanding pianist Alexandre Kantorow, who, with his exceptional Lisztian talent, already thrilled audiences at the 2022 Schlossfestspiele. With the second Ludwigsburg solo concert, he proves his romantic strength once again, fanning out the full emotional range of his 

playing with impressive virtuosity and agility.

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Production image © Sasha Gusov

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8 Jul



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