»The B-Side: Negro Folklore from Texas State Prisons. A Record Album Interpretation«

The Wooster Group

Eric Berryman, Jasper McGruder, Philip Moore Performance

Kate Valk Direction

Elizabeth LeCompte Production Design

Ryan Seelig, Evan Anderson Lighting

Eric Sluyter Sound

Robert Wuss, Irfan Brkovic Video

Enver Chakartash Costumes

Gareth Hobbs Musical Direction

Erin Mullin Stage Management

Bona Lee Production Management

Since 1975 the Wooster Group has been bringing together artists from a wide variety of disciplines and is internationally regarded as an innovative pioneer of radical experimental theatre. In their highly acclaimed programme »THE B-SIDE« the ensemble explores the album »Negro Folklore from Texas State Prisons«, issued in 1965 – a collection of convict work songs and spirituals, recorded and collected by Bruce Jackson. With stories of lost loves, violence and physical labour that repeats itself ad infinitum the three performers give a stage to the prisoners’ voices, thus themselves becoming a mouthpiece for a tradition that goes back to the beginnings of slavery

and racist oppression. The act of listening becomes a process that speaks to and heightens all the senses – and the only objects the Wooster Group needs to achieve this are a desk, a microphone and an audio board.

In cooperation with Schauspiel Stuttgart.

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Image © Teddy Wolff

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