»Connecting European Cultures through Beethoven's 9th Symphony«

LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN 9th Symphony in D Minor, op. 125, arranged and recomposed by Uri Caine, Juri de Marco, Alistair Duncan and Bertram Burkert

Juri de Marco Musical Direction

David Fernandez Direction, Choreography

Andreas Harder Lighting Design

Sophie Schliemann Costume design

soloists of the STEGREIF.orchestras

The »Ode to Joy« by Friedrich Schiller returns to the poet's birthplace. Inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven's Ninth, the »Europe Symphony«, the STEGREIF.orchestra combines folk songs with elements from Beethoven's monumental work. Beyond a Europe of open borders, #bfree becomes an exploration of fluid transitions. Get in the mood for the fusion of languages, cultures and musical genres outdoors on the Schillerhöhe and then be surprised in the Marbach Stadthalle as new bridges are built. #bfree is a work about freedom, about the longing for closeness and togetherness and about leaving borders behind - a European utopia.

The event starts at 6 pm with a sound installation at the Schiller Monument and then continues around 7:15 pm in the Stadthalle. In case of rain or temperatures below 14 degrees, the evening begins directly at 6 pm with admission to the Stadthalle.

A cooperation project of STEGREIF and PODIUM Esslingen as part of #beethoven - funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation, the State of Baden-Württemberg and the Karl Schlecht Foundation. 

dates and tickets


2 Oct



Meeting point at 6 pm at the Schiller Monument

Karten 32 € Festspielgäste in Ausbildung 15 €

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