Gary Joplin Workshop management

Birgit Holzwarth Costume design

Nadja Rüde Dramaturgy

Sora Sam Musik

Jochen Siegele Editing

Balthazar, Carina, Felicitas, Justus, Kit, Lu, Marlene, Robin, Theresa Workshop Participants

»An examination of gender identities«

To change the world, you first have to understand it. The same applies to a festival that becomes a »festival of democracy, arts and sustainability«. For us, this means specifically perceiving important socio-political issues and taking responsibility for our actions. The beauty of it is: we invite everyone to join us on our journey. Along the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we stop at different topics. With »Somewhere in Between«, the desire for equal treatment and all groups fighting for it come to the fore: LGBTQ+, queer, trans, non-binary - these are just a few terms for the diverse sexual orientations and gender identifications. For two years now, it has finally been possible in Germany to select »diverse« as a third gender on official forms. In »Somewhere in Between«, ten teenagers and young adults between 20 and 30 years of age, diverse in their gender identity, deal with their own identity and the society we live in for a month in an artistic way. You will get an insight into the exchange and the artistic process that took place in the workshops on July 2nd on our Digital Stage.

If you would like to inform yourself about the current discourses and the terms used in »Somewhere in Between«, we recommend the Queer Lexicon. This is an online contact point for gender diversity with a glossary and detailed encyclopaedia articles that explain various terms in a simple, yet scientifically sound way, as well as, for example, info on the Self-Determination Act and blog posts about the current legal situation of trans people in Germany.

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2 Jul