»Saz – The Key of Trust«

A film by STEPHAN TALNEAU with Petra Nachtmanova

Florent Chaintiou Sound

C. Cay Wesnigk Production


Petra Nachtmanova Saz


It is the journey of a lifetime: Petra Nachtmanova set off with her saz to search for the origins of the mythical stringed instrument. She travelled from Berlin to Istanbul, across Anatolia, followed the snow-covered peaks of the Caucasus, and through the dusty deserts of eastern Iran. For Nachtmanova, the saz has a »history of movement«- her search for traces follows this example. On a journey of over 5000 kilometres, she meets numerous musicians, which she asked one question: »Can you play me a song that I can take home with me?« After the film »Saz - The Key of Trust« the protagonist will perform live with more saz artists and bring along songs that she took home from her journey.

In Cooperation with Scala Ludwigsburg.

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18 Jun



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