«Moving Picture 946-3 Kyoto Version«

A film by Gerhard Richter and Corinna Belz

Composition by Rebecca Saunders

Marco Blaauw Trumpet

Sebastian Schottke Sound Direction

Moving images arising from countless coloured strips combined with the sound of a trumpet: there’s nothing simple in this interaction. As soon as the first tone of Marco Blaauw’s trumpet combines with the film »Moving Picture 946-3«, an almost hypnotic process of profound immersion beyond the dimension of space begins. Image and sound open up another dimension, developing a spherical dynamics of their own that becomes a constant driver of associations. The atmospheric composition by Rebecca Saunders and the film work by Corinna Belz and Gerhard Richter invite the viewer/listener to become part of the complex work of art themselves. The method of visual repetition is based on a proven mathematical principle devised by contemporary artist Richter and represents the productive climax of a six-year phase of research and development.

Image © N.N.

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24 Jun



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