Israel Galván Choreography, Dance, Composition

Niño de Elche Composition, Dance

Julien Condemine Direction

Carlos Marquerie Visual direction

Peggy Housset Costume

Eloísa Cantón, Emilio Caracafé, El Junco, Ramón Martínez, Minako Seki, Alia Sellami Dance

[This text has been translated electronically] Israel Galván's latest performance is ecstatic, collective and joyful. In »La Fiesta«, the exceptional flamenco artist does not only present the fiesta as he remembers it from his childhood days in its representational form. Rather, he celebrates the hidden energy of the interpersonal that drives and sometimes derails the festive joy. The individuals merge into one dancing body, the voices dance, the bodies sing - »La Fiesta« invites the audience to a celebration of flamenco and carries them off into an electrifying world of sound.

The Andalusian choreographer is constantly exploring flamenco in new ways and has made a name for himself as the enfant terrible of flamenco by combining it with contemporary dance. Together with seven dancers, the Andalusian choreographer presented »La Fiesta« at the »Festival d'Avignon« on 19 July 2017. An edited version of the ARTE recording can be seen on the Digital Stage.

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20 May



Digital Stage

Recording from the »Festival d’Avignon« 2017