»Missa miniatura«

JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH Mass in B minor, BWV 232, arranged by ELINA ALBACH with reading from JÜRG HALTERS «Ein Zweifler spricht«


Marie Luise Werneburg, Magdalena Podkoscielna Soprano

Alex Potter, Tobias Knaus Countertenor

Tobias Hunger Tenor

Tobias Berndt Bass

Joosten Ellée Violin

Johanna Bartz Transverse flute

Lambert Colson Zinc

Liam Byrne Viola da gamba

Daniel Rosin Violoncello

Philipp Lamprecht Percussion

Elina Albach Harpsichord, organ

Caroline Junghanns Speaker

Approximate 120 Minutes

With the Mass in B Minor, Johann Sebastian Bach not only composed music that sinks deep into the soul but also created the legacy of a musical epoch. But how can a mass be transferred into the 21st century? Elina Albach transforms this formative work of church music into innovatively conceived early music. The impressive seven instrumentalists and six singers are combined with texts by the author Jürg Halter for a theological-contemporary reflection. The Swiss refers to the liturgy and present challenges with poetic alternating and answering songs.

Production image © Neda Navaee

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6 Jul



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