Dance with us to Sasha Waltz’s »In C«!

Conceived as a democratic dance practice Sasha Waltz in her choreography «In C« Sasha Waltz has translated the musical figures of Terry Riley’s composition of the same name into 53 movement figures. In the video, dancer and dance teacher, Janna Kleinknecht gives an insight into the workshops on offer at the Ludwigsburg Schlossfestspiele on June 21, 22, and 23.

Participation in the workshops is possible from the age of 12 and is free of charge. There are still places available on June 21 and 22!

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 You can see the dance company Sasha Waltz & Guests on June 6 and 7 with «Beethoven 7« at the Schlossfestspiele. The choreography by the current winner of the German Dance Award combines Beethoven’s symphony and a choreography choreography to the commissioned work »Freiheit/Extasis« by Diego Noguera: live electronic electronic music played live that refers to Beethoven and his theme of freedom. theme of freedom.