Video interview with Benjamin Appl

What’s New on the Digital Stage

 Benjamin Appl joins us at the Ludwigsburg Festival 2023 with three different projects. Find out more about his artist residency in Ludwigsburg in our new video.

In addition to the two concerts featuring Schubert’s »Winterreise« and the recital »The Songwriter,« Benjamin Appl offers a master class for students of the University of Music and Performing Arts (Hochschule für for Music and Performing Arts (HMDK) Stuttgart. Feel free to visit us at Palais Grävenitz from 2-6pm for an insight into a very special teaching situation.

Last tickets for »Benjamin Appl Songwriter« are available online, at the ticket office or at the advance booking offices. The concert »Schubert Winterreise Appl« is sold out.