Schlossfestspiele Ludwigsburg




The 100th birthday of György Ligeti will be celebrated twice at the Ludwigsburg Schlossfestspiele 2023: The SWR Vokalensemble will present some of his most beautiful a cappella works in the Friedenskirche, while Elisabeth Schillings takes his music pieces in a light-footed way and combines them with dance in »Hear Eyes Move. Dances with Ligeti«.

Find out what to expect from both projects in the video by Hannah Duffek, dramaturge at the Festival, who has studied the composer György Ligeti extensively.

Tickets for «SWR Vokal Ensemble« on May 25 and «Hear Eyes Move« on May 26, 2023 can be purchased online, in our ticket office and at the advance booking offices.

Video: Ludwigsburg Palace Festival Excerpts from: «Yuval Weinberg explains »Lux Aeterna« by György Ligeti | SWR Vokalensemble« SWR Kultur. «Elisabeth Schilling. HEAR EYES MOVE. Dances with Ligeti« Making Dances a.s.b.l.; Co-production Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg; Kunstfest Weimar; Mosel Musikfestival

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