Music in the open air

It’s that time again: The »Frei Luft Musik« herald in the festival summer!

We are starting this year on May 5 with our «Frei Luft Musik« in a musical summer and can hardly wait to celebrate the next eleven weeks with you. Also this year the celebrated open-air concert series will echo through Ludwigsburg’s city center on twelve Fridays. Enjoy free open-air concerts on the market square, the baroque living room of the city, always at 6 p.m. for a half an hour with ensembles from the festival orchestra and many other artists. The market square becomes a stage and offers everything that the music heart desires – from classical to electro.

On May 5, the musical meeting place becomes a dance place: the percussionist Ali Hasan and the dancer and choreographer Medhat Aldaabal invite you to the traditional circle dance »Dabke« from the eastern mediterranean region. Dance with us and herald in the summer!