Sunday, May 21

What you can expect at the »17 Ziele Camp« 


Yoga and Meditation with Janna Kleinknecht

With yoga and meditation, we dedicate ourselves to the third of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals: our health and well-being. A healthy body and serene mind are basic prerequisites for engaging in goodness and mastering the associated tasks with greater focus. Because body and mind are seamlessly connected. With an undogmatic approach, Janna Kleinknecht conveys the effects of physical exercises on mental well-being. The rich knowledge of the centuries-old spiritual tradition can be experienced physically.


»World Café«

Gastronomic offers from Deacon Daniel Faißt and daily changing initiatives


Initiatives present their work in the »World Café« and invite people to exchange ideas and enjoy culinary delights. The café is coordinated by Daniel Faißt, deacon for »sustainably attractive church« in the church district of Ludwigsburg.


»Implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals«
Film contributions by Scala TV and the Ludwigsburg Festival

Scala TV became a stage for current issues in 2020 as a social experiment – for cohesion in times of pandemic. Scala Ludwigsburg took on the new social task of transporting human values such as tolerance, empathy, respect, and fairness into the virtual world. For this purpose, established contents from art, culture, socio-culture, and social politics were transferred to the digital world together with long-standing cooperation partners and networks. In just under two years, around 200 programmes were produced on a wide range of topics: from inclusion to intercultural, »don't forget« theme days, or contributions to Ludwig citizens. See for yourself the wide range of educational, informational, or entertainment formats, each of which contains impulses for thought and action to implement the 17 goals.


«Unequal Equal – How Does Justice Feel to You?«

Dance workshop with Larry King Bamidele and Luciana Mugei

The workshop is aimed at people of all ages who are interested in diving into the topics of social justice and inclusion through dance and movement. A broad mix of dance exercises, reflection, and discussion on the topic of inclusion and its importance for social justice offer an opportunity to approach these topics in a very practical way.

No previous knowledge is necessary for the workshop.


«Welt(an)sichten« (Viewing the World)

Workshop with performance artists from InterAKT

The performance artists of the InterAKT initiative are used to engaging with different perspectives. In this workshop, they invite all participants to change perspectives and get to know two of their projects. »Bridge Monologues« is a participatory work in cooperation with the Paule Club, an initiative by and for addicted people in Stuttgart. The second project, »Vom Aufgang der Sonne« (From the Rise of the Sun), was created in 2020 as part of the Hegel Year and attempts to break through conventions of habit in thinking, reading, and viewing.

No previous knowledge is necessary for the workshop.


»Colour Up The Flag«

Participation campaign of the city of Ludwigsburg

The City of Ludwigsburg has been active in the field of sustainability for many years. But what does that mean exactly? On two afternoons there is the opportunity to colour up the activities of the City of Ludwigsburg for more sustainability and to get to know them. Together with the visitors of the »17 Ziele Camp« and an artist, a large flag will be designed. Together we will make sustainability visible in Ludwigsburg. On the flag, get set, go!

An activity for all ages, with no artistic experience necessary.


»Setting Out on the Path«

Improvisation with violin and movement by Luise Kallmeyer and Jule Lotte Bröcker, Klimabühne HMDK Stuttgart

What can a violin tell with its symbolic body? What can it mean when legs – or objectified and capitalised bodies – simply set off and leave everything behind? With the movement of their legs, sounding strings, and words, Luise Kallmeyer and Jule Lotte Bröcker send signals. Their goal: is to offer thinking spaces and question concepts.


»The Delphic Cube«

Interactive workshop with the World Human Forum 

Can we survive the global challenge of climate change without the local processes of democracy? Can we overcome the crisis of democracy without a transformation of our education system? Can we change the world before we start with ourselves? And can we achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals without the arts and innovative technologies? The »Delphic Cube« is a practical and model tool with six sides: Sustainability (green), Democracy (blue), Education (yellow), Inner Development (orange), Technology and Science (white), and Arts (red). In the interactive workshop, the cube model is used to vividly bring the complex interaction of all six areas into our awareness and inspire practical action.



Open discourse space

The »Agora« offers another open discussion space to sort and deepen the countless information from the other events. Other topics, formats, and interventions are also welcome!


»Sound of 17«

Writing and music workshop with pianist Hanni Liang and concert poet Timo Brunke

What do we associate with the 17 sustainability goals? What do they trigger in us and where do they challenge us? In search of the goals and active action in the here and now, Hanni Liang and Timo Brunke invite us to write and speak our own texts. What voice does each goal have and what sound does it find in the spontaneous encounter with music? Have fun finding out!


»Permaculture – Save Garden of Eden!«

Workshop with permaculture designer Maria Seiter. 

The concept and subsequent movement of permaculture emerged in the 1970s as a counter-movement to consumer society and as a philosophy opposing the exploitation of nature. Entitled »Back to Garden of Eden«, Maria Seiter uses very concrete examples to show how this concept of sustainable agriculture can support the 17 goals.


Insights into the dance training (60+) of the old people's dance theatre ensemble Zartbitter

The Ensemble ZARTBITTER of the Dance and Theatre Workshop tells stories for all generations and surprises again and again with new ideas and approaches. Dance art, the artistic process, and creative playfulness are in the foreground. The ensemble currently consists of 12 members between 60 and 80 years of age who regularly work on the realisation of a dance theatre performance. In this training session, the weekly work is presented to the audience.


»Sound of 17«

Camp concert with workshop participants, pianist Hanni Liang and concert poet Timo Brunke

What do we associate with the 17 sustainability goals? What do they trigger in us and where do they challenge us? In search of goals and active action in the here and now, Hanni Liang and Timo Brunke have invited people to write and speak their own texts. The results of the text and music workshop will be presented in a camp concert. We wish you lots of fun!