Saturday, May 20

What you can expect at the »17 Ziele Camp«


Yoga and Meditation with Janna Kleinknecht

With yoga and meditation, we dedicate ourselves to the third of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals: our health and well-being. A healthy body and serene mind are basic prerequisites for engaging in goodness and mastering the associated tasks with greater focus. Because body and mind are seamlessly connected. With an undogmatic approach, Janna Kleinknecht conveys the effects of physical exercises on mental well-being. The rich knowledge of the centuries-old spiritual tradition can be experienced physically.


»World Café«

Gastronomic offers from Deacon Daniel Faißt and daily changing initiatives


Initiatives present their work in the »World Café« and invite people to exchange ideas and enjoy culinary delights. The café is coordinated by Daniel Faißt, deacon for »sustainably attractive church« in the church district of Ludwigsburg.


»Implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals«
Film contributions by Scala TV and the Ludwigsburg Festival
Scala TV became a stage for current issues in 2020 as a social experiment – for cohesion in times of pandemic. Scala Ludwigsburg took on the new social task of transporting human values such as tolerance, empathy, respect, and fairness into the virtual world. For this purpose, established contents from art, culture, socio-culture, and social politics were transferred to the digital world together with long-standing cooperation partners and networks. In just under two years, around 200 programmes were produced on a wide range of topics: from inclusion to intercultural, »don't forget« theme days, or contributions to Ludwig citizens. See for yourself the wide range of educational, informational, or entertainment formats, each of which contains impulses for thought and action to implement the 17 goals.


»Resilience in Everyday Life – Using Green Oases in the City for Micro-Breaks«

Mindfulness training with Susanne Thiel

Short breaks in everyday life give new energy. In combination with nature experiences and exercises on mindfulness, optimism, and self-efficacy, they also strengthen our resilience. After the workshop with trainer Susanne Thiel, you will appreciate trees, flowers, snails, and co. as true relaxation aids!

Please bring a seat mat with you.


»Throw It Away? Think Again!«

Repairing together at the Repair Café

The sustainable project of the Multigenerational House Ludwigsburg offers the opportunity for a sociable get-together. And, in keeping with a culture of repair, it also brings together the expertise needed to get broken small appliances, bicycles, or toys up and running again in no time. At the Repair Café, people repair things together, exchange ideas, seek advice and support, and learn from each other.


»Am I Racist?«

Workshop of the Antiracist Network Ludwigsburg

The image of the first impression is so strong that it usually remains and is difficult to revise. To deconstruct racism and create a more peaceful society, this lecture offers a personal introduction to becoming aware of one's unconscious prejudices. In addition, various interactive exercises cause self-reflection on the privileges of one's whiteness. The interactive lecture aims to create spaces for exchange and to take responsibility for traditional habits and practices as an individual as well as in the collective. In doing so, it is important to question the existing power relations, adopt a non-discriminatory attitude, and demand this from others in society.

If required, translation into sign language is possible. Please inform us of your needs directly by email to


»Sound of 17«

Writing and music workshop with pianist Hanni Liang and concert poet Timo Brunke

What do we associate with the 17 sustainability goals? What do they trigger in us and where do they challenge us? In search of the goals and active action in the here and now, Hanni Liang and Timo Brunke invite us to write and speak our own texts. What voice does each goal have and what sound does it find in the spontaneous encounter with music? Have fun finding out!


»Can Fashion Be Fair and Sustainable?«

Discover what Ludwigsburg has to offer in terms of sustainable fashion! A city walk with Future Fashion and the VHS Ludwigsburg. 

How do I recognise sustainable fashion? Which labels operate ecologically and fairly? And what does fashion have to do with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? These and many other questions will be examined on the Future Fashion Tour. In a city walk, global connections and the effects of the clothing industry on social justice and the environment will be shown and background information on the SDGs will be given. We will visit eco-fair labels, second-hand shops, and other exciting places that will give you insights into clothing from fair and ecologically correct production conditions. Come along on the discovery tour and collect new ideas and concrete alternative actions to consume more consciously in the future and to inspire others for sustainable fashion.


»The Delphic Cube«

Interactive workshop with the World Human Forum 

Can we survive the global challenge of climate change without the local processes of democracy? Can we overcome the crisis of democracy without a transformation of our education system? Can we change the world before we start with ourselves? And can we achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals without the arts and innovative technologies? The »Delphic Cube« is a practical and model tool with six sides: Sustainability (green), Democracy (blue), Education (yellow), Inner Development (orange), Technology and Science (white), and Arts (red). In the interactive workshop, the cube model is used to vividly bring the complex interaction of all six areas into our awareness and inspire practical action.



Open discourse space

The »Agora« offers another open discussion space to sort and deepen the countless information from the other events. Other topics, formats, and interventions are also welcome!


»Europe - Place of the Most Beautiful Spark of Gods?«

Lecture and discussion with Pulse of Europe

The European continent and political Europe surround a timeless creative force. It is the place where the idea of a transnational identity is rooted, united in the dream of freedom and finally resulting in political union. But it is precisely the political reality united in diversity that reveals many a fragile question. The Pulse of Europe movement invites you to an open discussion about Europe as a cultural space as well as a fascinating political entity.


»Woman Life Freedom - Women in Iran Fight for Their Rights«

Performance by Moné Sharifi

The Iranian artist Moné Sharifi shows her solidarity with the women in Iran and thus supports their struggle for freedom and equal rights. Her goal: a world in which all women can enjoy their lives to the fullest and realise their full potential, without fear or oppression.


»Woman Life Freedom - Women in Iran Fight for Their Rights«

Film »Sequence« by Negar Roshani, performance and talk with Moné Sharifi and Sarina Panahideh

Sarina Panahideh, 28, actress, dancer, choreographer, and theatre director, has only recently started living in Berlin. The political nature of her projects and critical interviews with international news channels forced her to leave Iran. In Berlin, she now highlights the Iranian reality through her dance and performances. Together with the Iranian artist Moné Sharif, she presents short videos and performances they have created on the Iranian women's movement.