Friday, May 19

What you can expect at the »17 Ziele Camp« 


»World Café«

Free gastronomic offers from Deacon Daniel Faißt and daily changing initiatives


Initiatives present their work in the »World Café« and invite people to exchange ideas and enjoy culinary delights. The café is coordinated by Daniel Faißt, deacon for »sustainably attractive church« in the church district of Ludwigsburg.

10:00–12:00 and 14:00–16:00

»17 Goals and Innovations from Africa«

Closed school workshop with Engagement Global

As part of the »17 Ziele Camp« of the Ludwigsburg Festival, the project »#17Goals« by the service for development initiatives Engagement Global in cooperation with the association »Together for Africa« offers workshops for middle school classes. Through interesting digital content and innovations from Africa, pupils are motivated to engage with global contexts and the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


»Loopstation Laboratory – Making Music out of Trash« with musician Ashia Grzesik (Bison Rouge)

In the »Loopstation Laboratory«, musician Ashia Grzesik (Bison Rouge) invites you to work with pieces of voice, and self-made »instruments« made out of trash, to produce ambient music and rhythmic compositions with live sampling recordings. She will give an introduction to the use of music technology and ambient composition, design meditative listening exercises, and interact with different »trash instruments«. Depending on the size of the group, each participant will get the opportunity to work with the technology and record the instrument. The aim is to show ways in which rubbish can be recycled in a meaningful way.


»Implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals«
Film contributions by Scala TV and the Ludwigsburg Festival
Scala TV became a stage for current issues in 2020 as a social experiment – for cohesion in times of pandemic. Scala Ludwigsburg took on the new social task of transporting human values such as tolerance, empathy, respect, and fairness into the virtual world. For this purpose, established contents from art, culture, socio-culture, and social politics were transferred to the digital world together with long-standing cooperation partners and networks. In just under two years, around 200 programmes were produced on a wide range of topics: from inclusion to intercultural, »don't forget« theme days, or contributions to Ludwig citizens. See for yourself the wide range of educational, informational, or entertainment formats, each of which contains impulses for thought and action to implement the 17 goals.


»Urban Farming«

Lecture by Prof. Ludger Engels about the project of the Akademie für Darstellende Kunst Baden-Württemberg

Urban Farming combines nature and art as well as city and space. In a lecture, Prof. Ludger Engels reports on the new project of the ADK and on visions and perspectives of a future, holistic teaching in the performing arts.


Yoga and Meditation with Janna Kleinknecht

With yoga and meditation, we dedicate ourselves to the third of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals: our health and well-being. A healthy body and serene mind are basic prerequisites for engaging in goodness and mastering the associated tasks with greater focus. Because body and mind are seamlessly connected. With an undogmatic approach, Janna Kleinknecht conveys the effects of physical exercises on mental well-being. The rich knowledge of the centuries-old spiritual tradition can be experienced physically.


»An Interactive Shop Window Goes Online« with the Innovation Network Ludwigsburg

The innovation network of the city of Ludwigsburg presents a new pilot project: »Fact or Fake?«. This knowledge game was developed together with five partners of the network, including the Ludwigsburg city center association (LUIS) e.V., the company Pixelcloud and Bechtle AG. Conceived as a question and answer game for young and old, the participants are given valuable information about the city of Ludwigsburg. In the future, screens in various shop windows will be used for games instead of advertising. Jolanta Gatzanis, coordinator of the innovation network, which offers infrastructure and networking for business, science and technology, presents Germany's first interactive showcase.


»Climate Timeline«

Action by Fridays For Future 

The Fridays For Future initiative brings the climate crisis to Ludwigsburg's Karlskaserne in a vivid format and shows a time travel through 250 years of climate change. The 27-meter-long timeline invites everyone to inform themselves, reflect and discuss.


»Children Are No Soldiers«

Action on Red Hand Day of the Terre des Hommes AG Ludwigsburg

Terre des Hommes AG has been campaigning for many years against the (forced) recruitment of children and young people and for the reintegration of former child soldiers. Governments worldwide demand compliance with the »Straight 18 Standards« and the protection of children and young people in armed conflicts.  For this reason, red warning handprints will be collected as part of the »17 Ziele Camp«. They signal a clear STOP! to the use of child soldiers. The red hands make these demands visible and increase the pressure on politicians.


»The Delphic Cube«

Interactive workshop with the World Human Forum 

Can we survive the global challenge of climate change without the local processes of democracy? Can we overcome the crisis of democracy without a transformation of our education system? Can we change the world before we start with ourselves? And can we achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals without the arts and innovative technologies? The »Delphic Cube« is a practical and model tool with six sides: Sustainability (green), Democracy (blue), Education (yellow), Inner Development (orange), Technology and Science (white), and Arts (red). In the interactive workshop, the cube model is used to vividly bring the complex interaction of all six areas into our awareness and inspire practical action.



Open discourse space

The »Agora« offers another open discussion space to sort and deepen the countless information from the other events. Other topics, formats, and interventions are also welcome!


»Small coffee lesson with tasting« 

Learn interesting facts from Jairo H. Romero

Would you like to learn some interesting facts about coffee? Then Kaffee Romero is the right place for you! Jairo H. Romero - coffee farmer, importer & roaster - who grew up on his family's coffee plantation in Honduras, will tell you about coffee cultivation, harvesting, coffee varieties and will be happy to answer your questions. Finally, you will of course be able to taste some coffee from the Romero family business.


»Soup From a Stone«

Lecture by Brad Hwang on the political nature of his art

Brad Hwang's art depicts timeless, existential questions and observations.  Using everyday objects and all kinds of materials that he breathes new life into, the artist and sculptor creates mechanical and social sculptures - very much in the spirit of Joseph Beuys – as well as installations that invite participation and encounters. In Ludwigsburg, Hwang developed an embracing machine and a mobile loom with which he addressed the longing for human closeness and the search for social connectedness. For the 2022 season, he explored the inevitability of constant change with sourdough and the process of baking bread. For the »17 Ziele Camp«, Brad Hwang presents further works from his artistic career. He also explains how spirits can be evoked to realise goals together, such as making soup.


»Mira los Ruidos«

Dance workshop with flamenco dancer Israel Galván

The dance workshop by flamenco dancer Israel Galván offers an open meeting place for everyone – from professional dancers to the curious. Every person has their own dance because every person has a very specific body memory, comparable to an archive. In his workshop, Galván supports the participants in creating new movements from their own personal archives. The dancer does not teach choreographies but gives insights into the unique world of his rhythms and shows how one can become a musician to invent new forms and a new dance.

from 18:00

»Coffee for #ClimateFairness - From the soil to the cup«

Conference of the Fairtrade Agenda Group Ludwigsburg

The Fairtrade Agenda Group Ludwigsburg is publishing the international Zoom conference on the topic of coffee cultivation in times of climate change and its trade routes. An exchange with actors in coffee cultivation and trade is encouraged. Learn how the consumption of fair trade products can contribute to the achievement of goals 8 »Decent work and economic growth« and 13 »Climate action«.

Available on our digital Stage


»Bigger Than Us«

A documentary film by Flore Vasseur. Introduction by Fridays For Future

The documentary »Bigger Than Us« shows seven young people who are working for a better future. One of them is 18-year-old activist Melati, who is campaigning against the increasingly dramatic environmental pollution caused by plastic waste in her native Indonesia. For the film, she visits other countries and like-minded people who, like her, are fighting for a great cause. Whether it's the climate crisis, sea rescue, or social justice: all over the world, young people are organising to secure the future for humanity and the planet.