Thursday, May 18

What awaits you in the »17 Ziele Camp«


»Implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals«
Film contributions by Scala TV and the Ludwigsburg Festival
Scala TV became a stage for current issues in 2020 as a social experiment – for cohesion in times of pandemic. Scala Ludwigsburg took on the new social task of transporting human values such as tolerance, empathy, respect, and fairness into the virtual world. For this purpose, established contents from art, culture, socio-culture, and social politics were transferred to the digital world together with long-standing cooperation partners and networks. In just under two years, around 200 programmes were produced on a wide range of topics: from inclusion to intercultural, »don't forget« theme days, or contributions to Ludwig citizens. See for yourself the wide range of educational, informational, or entertainment formats, each of which contains impulses for thought and action to implement the 17 goals.


»Unmapping Time – A Critical Look at Our Understanding of Time«

Panel discussion with Prof. Aleida and Prof. Jan Assmann as well as director Tilman Hecker, author Eugene Yiu Nam Cheung, and dramaturg Dr Bettina Sluzalek

What can art do to realise the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda? At the start of the camp, representatives from science and art will examine our understanding of time. In her book »Ist die Zeit aus den Fugen?« (Is time out of joint?), the cultural scientist Prof. Aleida Assmann writes that the concepts of »past«, »present« and »future« must be redefined by society as a whole. What this means and how we can, for example, transform a violent past into a shared democratic future will also be discussed with cultural scientist Prof. Jan Assmann, director Tilman Hecker, author Eugene Yiu Nam Cheung, and dramaturg Dr Bettina Sluzalek.

This event will be held in English.


»Colour Up The Flag«

Participation campaign of the city of Ludwigsburg

The City of Ludwigsburg has been active in the field of sustainability for many years. But what does that mean exactly? On two afternoons there is the opportunity to colour up the activities of the City of Ludwigsburg for more sustainability and to get to know them. Together with the visitors of the »17 Ziele Camp« and an artist, a large flag will be designed. Together we will make sustainability visible in Ludwigsburg. On the flag, get set, go!

An activity for all ages, with no artistic experience necessary.


»Children Are No Soldiers«

Action on Red Hand Day of the Terre des Hommes AG Ludwigsburg

Terre des Hommes AG has been campaigning for many years against the (forced) recruitment of children and young people and for the reintegration of former child soldiers. Governments worldwide demand compliance with the »Straight 18 Standards« and the protection of children and young people in armed conflicts.  For this reason, red warning handprints will be collected as part of the »17 Ziele Camp«. They signal a clear STOP! to the use of child soldiers. The red hands make these demands visible and increase the pressure on politicians.


»World Café«

Gastronomic offers from Deacon Daniel Faißt and daily changing initiatives

Initiatives present their work in the »World Café« and invite people to exchange ideas and enjoy culinary delights. The café is coordinated by Daniel Faißt, deacon for »sustainably attractive church« in the church district of Ludwigsburg.


»Integrated Solutions for Successful Energy Supply and Climate Protection«

Lecture by former Lord Mayor Dr Werner Spec with discussion.

For successful climate protection, much more still needs to be done at all levels. Politics, the economy, but also society are challenged. After all, sufficient resources and technological know-how have long been available to turn away from nuclear energy, coal, oil and gas: The power of wind, sun and water. The former mayor of Ludwigsburg, Dr Werner Spec, explains how integrated solutions can combine the pieces of the mosaic for the future energy supply.


»Berlin Global Village – How a One World Center Is Created«

Lecture and workshop with Armin Massing, Managing Director Berlin Global Village e.V. & gGmbH

The »Berlin Global Village« has been providing office space for 50 development and migrant-diasporic associations and initiatives since March 2021. In the public event spaces, they and other actors create a diverse political and cultural offer for the urban society. This has created a unique place of diversity, encounters and open dialogue in and for Berlin. Inclusive, diverse and sensitive to discrimination – in the sense of globally just and sustainable development. In this workshop, the managing director of BGV gGmbH, Armin Massing, will give an introduction to the ten-year path from the project idea to the realisation of the One World Centre. Afterwards, there will be the opportunity to discuss with others the experiences that can also be transferred to other contexts and projects.


»Does Sustainability Need More Art?«

Lecture by Dr Ralf Weiß, Chairman of the Network Sustainability in Art and Culture Germany

Is artistic freedom at odds with sustainability? In his lecture, the chairman of the Network Sustainability in Art and Culture (2N2K Deutschland e.V.), Dr Ralf Weiß, deals with the guiding principles of freedom and sustainability for those working in art and culture. Using the example of the New European Bauhaus and the sustainability declaration for the cultural sector, answers will be sought to the questions of whether sustainability needs art and whether art needs sustainability.


»A Festival of the Arts, Democracy and Sustainability«

Film documentary about the Ludwigsburg Festival by Jasmin Astaki-Bardeh and Adrian Huber

The Ludwigsburg Festival is responding to the ongoing turn of the times by transforming itself into a »Festival of the Arts, Democracy and Sustainability«. One of the most traditional festivals in the Federal Republic of Germany is thus taking up the historic challenge of shaping an open, diverse, peaceful and sustainable society together with all those who wish to actively participate. A film by Jasmin Astaki-Bardeh and Adrian Huber documents how artistic director Jochen Sandig uses music and dance for this transformation process.

Due to the weather, »Frei Luft Musik« will take place in the Stadtkirche today +++ Due to the weather, »Frei Luft Musik« will take place in the Stadtkirche today +++ Due to the weather, »Frei Luft Musik« will take place in the Stadtkirche today +++ Due to the weather, »Frei Luft Musik« will take place in the Stadtkirche today +++ Due to the weather, »Frei Luft Musik« will take place in the Stadtkirche today +++ Due to the weather, »Frei Luft Musik« will take place in the Stadtkirche today +++