GUSTAV HOLST St. Paul’s Suite, op. 29

Also South American pieces and a collage of various big band classics

Eberhard-Ludwigs-Gymnasium Stuttgart Youth Orchestra

Goethe-Gymnasium Ludwigsburg Junior Band

Jugendmusikschule Ludwigsburg Latin Touch 2

Helene-Lange-Gymnasium Markgröningen Art Class

A communal experience instead of a classical concert situation - that was the main concern of the young people when they came up with a concept for the evening in several workshops. As the generation of the future, the high school students from Ludwigsburg, Markgröningen, Stuttgart and the Ludwigsburg Youth Music School are giving an important impulse to what future concert formats could look like. An art exhibition in the foyer will provide a thematic introduction to the Sustainability Goals. The concert will feature Gustav Holst's »St. Paul's Suite«, South American music, a collage of various big band classics and improvisations by all participants.

The young people and the artistic ensembles of their schools will thus present an overall dramaturgy on 3 June that gives the 17 Sustainable Development Goals an exciting design.

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3 Jun



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