Saved for the future

Exhibition in the Franck-Areal

[This text has been translated electronically] What is worth preserving? What is forward-looking and what should Ludwigsburg take with it into its future? With these questions the artists Thomas Rustemeyer, Bruno Jacoby and Julian Warner invite the citizens of Ludwigsburg ÜBER:MORGEN festival, they invite the people of Ludwigsburg to bring objects, ideas, melodies or anecdotes for a »memory of the future«. Thus the city society fills the memory in the course of the exhibition with personal answers to the questions of the future and creates a communal communal and accessible show depot.

From observations also give rise to the art of Brad Hwang. Hwang, who has been a guest artist at the Schlossfestspiele several times. several times. The artist and sculptor creates objects from everyday life and materials into which he breathes new life, mechanical and social sculptures. sculptures – in the spirit of Joseph Beuys – as well as installations that encourage participation and encounter.

In 2021 he constructed he constructed a hugging machine with a mobile loom. From the encounters with the artist in the middle of the city, a social sculpture in the form of a woven a social sculpture in the form of a woven piece, which documents the history of his the history of his experiences on site – as a woven record of the passage of time. recording of the passage of time. With this collective work of art, we contribute as a celebration of the arts, democracy and sustainability, we contribute to the »memory of the future.«

The exhibition grows with your personal objects. Until October 15, you can bring your own things and find out what other people from Ludwigsburg think is important for the future of the future of the city. All information and the opening hours can be found on the website of the city of Ludwigsburg.