Johann Sebastian Bach »Goldberg Variations« Aria with various changes, BWV 988

Urban Strings

Georg Kallweit Violin, Viola

Margret Köll Harp

Elina Albach Harpsichord, Organ

»Purists’ blood will run cold … a version with plenty of potential for controversy.« Of all the masterworks in the world, the ensemble Urban Strings has chosen the pinnacle of baroque keyboard music, Johann Sebastian Bach’s »Goldberg Variations«, to create a modern adaptation. Originally written for a keyboard instrument, the pieces are here performed by harp, harpsichord, organ, violin and viola. The idea behind this diverse instrumentation is to highlight the work’s contrapuntal dimensions through a spatial concept. By dividing the music into individual instruments dispersed throughout the Ordenssaal venue, the special characteristics of Bach’s voice leading are illustrated – and the audience becomes a listening part of the ensemble. Within this intimate sonic atmosphere, the »Goldberg Variations« can be experienced in a manner that the original version cannot provide.

A production of the Köthener Bachfesttage 2018 in cooperation with Radialsystem and Folkert Uhde Konzertdesign.

Followed by a Meet & Greet

The concert will be broadcast by SWR2 on July 2 from 20:03.

Image © Rafael Kroetz

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24 Jun



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