«The Giving Tree«

CAROLINE SHAW »Plan & Elevation: The Grounds of Dumbarton Oaks«

MADDALENA CASULANA »O notte, o ciel, o mar«

KATE MOORE »Cicadae«

GABRIELLA SMITH »Carrot Revolution«

EMILIE MAYER »Adagio« from String Quartet in G Minor, Op. 14

Rothko String Quartet

Joosten Ellée Violin

William Overcash Violin

Marc Kopitzki Viola

Jakob Nierenz Violoncello

Nature provides everything necessary for life. But human beings are insatiable and always want more than they already have. Sooner or later our greed will have exhausted the earth’s resources. A parable of this sort of exploitation can be seen in Shel Silverstein’s famous book »The Giving Tree«, in which a generous tree gives everything it has to an ungrateful boy until all that is left is a stump. Inspired by this story and taking its name for their new programme, the Rothko String Quartet lets nature put humankind in

the dock. As prosecutor and accused in one, the quartet presents works of music from the Renaissance to the present day – all written by female composers – that give the gardens, forests, seas and animals voices of their own.

In cooperation with the PODIUM Esslingen.

This concert will also be transmitted acoustically to the court of the Ludwigsburg Residenzschloss. 

Followed by Meet & Greet

The concert will be broadcast by SWR2 on July 2, starting at 8:03 p.m., and by Deutschlandfunk Kultur at a later time.

Image © Joosten Ellée

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4 Jun



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