GEORG PHILIPP TELEMANN Sonata in D major, TWV 44:1, arranged for trumpet and organ, Trio Sonata in C minor, TWV 42:C1, I. Grave and II. Andante

TŌRU TAKEMITSU »Voice« for flute solo, »Paths« in Memoriam Witold Lutosławski for trumpet solo

PETR EBEN »Ókna podle Marca Chagalla« IV. Zlaté Ókno (Windows after Marc Chagall, IV. Golden Window) for trumpet and organ

ERNST VON DOHNÁNYI Passacaglia for flute solo, op. 48, No. 2

FRANZ LISZT »Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen« Prelude after Johann Sebastian Bach, S. 179

Tatjana Ruhland Flute

Tamás Pálfalvi Trumpet

Christian Schmitt Organ

In an unusual combination of trumpet, flute, and organ, Tamás Pálfalvi, Tatjana Ruhland and Christian Schmitt present a colourful kaleidoscope of many centuries of music history. From Georg Philipp Telemann to Franz Liszt, we penetrate the branching cosmos of the 20th century. We experience how the avant-garde composer Tōru Takemitsu can elicit unusually sharp sounds from the flute in »Voice«, which often is reduced to a bird's voice. Moreover, the solo trumpet in »Paths« devoutly and gracefully commemorates the late musician Witold Lutosławski. Organ and trumpet find sonic splendour in Petr Eben's »Okna podle Marca Chagalla«: the spiritual power that the beauty of Marc Chagall's Jerusalem stained-glass windows exerts on us and becomes musically palpable.

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27 Jun



Ev. Stadtkirche, Ludwigsburg
Karten 28 ⁄ 36 ⁄ 41 € Festspielgäste in Ausbildung 15 €