»Auftaktveranstaltung mit der Stadt Ludwigsburg«

Dr Matthias Knecht Lord Mayor of the City of Ludwigsburg

Jochen Sandig Director of the Ludwigsburg Castle Festival

Dr Martin Wendte Theologian

Prof Dr Brigitte Biermann Keynote speaker Economy

Claus-Peter Hutter Keynote speaker Ecology

Julian Warner Keynote speaker Social Affairs

Katrin Ballandies Moderator

Elmar Kunz Moderator

Concerning critical topics and visions leading towards a future worth living for the Ludwigsburg Schlossfestspiele rely on strong partners and institutions. The future is decided above all in urban areas, where the vast majority of the world’s population already lives.  In Ludwigsburg, too, we are actively called upon to make our city more inclusive, safer and more sustainable. For years, the city has been pursuing an active sustainability management policy based on the United Nations’ Agenda 2030. In the foreground, as with the Schlossfestspiele, is the question »Where are we going?«. Therefore, Lord Mayor Dr Matthias Knecht and Artistic Director Jochen Sandig invite you to a joint dialogue. Between impulses from the fields of economy, ecology and social affairs, the main aim is to develop an action concept. The kick-off will conclude with a discussion between the Lord Mayor Dr Matthias Knecht and the theologian Dr Martin Wendte on the subject of a «Solidary Ludwigsburg«.

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18 Jun