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»Saz – The Key of Trust«

A film by STEPHAN TALNEAU with Petra Nachtmanova

Florent Chaintiou Sound

C. Cay Wesnigk Production

[This text has been translated electronically] It is the journey of a lifetime: with her saz on her back, Petra Nachtmanova sets off in search of the origins of the mythical stringed instrument she encountered in Kreuzberg. She travels from Berlin to Istanbul, across Anatolia, over the snow-covered peaks of the Caucasus to the dusty deserts of eastern Iran. For Nachtmanova, the saz has a "history of movement" - her search for traces follows this example. On her 5000-kilometre-long journey, she meets numerous musicians. She asks them all for one thing: "Play me a song that I can take home with me."

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