Schlossfestspiele Ludwigsburg



Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture

»A society is fit for the future only if social peace reigns. The decisive factor is that people should feel they belong, not excluded«, says Bärbel Albrecht, who is responsible for the organisation and implementation of the Ludwigsburg Vesperkirche social projects. Thus the campaign marking the tenth anniversary of the Vesperkirche had the slogan »3 weeks vesper church – belong for 52 weeks«.

Bärbel Albrecht has worked in the diaconal district office since 2007 and has been project manager of the Vesperkirche since 2010. As a social worker, she knows many indigent people who are unable to afford even one warm meal a day. It was for those people that the Vesperkirche was founded, held for three weeks in the year with the motto »Together for body and soul«. But the warm food is not the primary concern – the aim is to provide a meeting-place where people from diverse milieux can make contact over a good meal, getting to know and understand one another better. The Vesperkirche sees itself as a place where every person feels respected and valued. Encounters with people who live and think differently enrich the lives of all, whether guests or helpers.

A production of the Ludwigsburg Festival 2020

Konrad Amrhein – idea & concept / Jasmin Astaki-Bardeh – camera & sound / Adrian Huber – camera & sound / Felix Länge – editing / Jonas Urbat und Maria Reich als #LeakIt – music

In cooperation with Ludwigsburg city, the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Engagement Global – and the Ruprecht Foundation

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