»De Viejos Y Nuevos Sones«

Accademia del Piacere

Fahmi Alqhai Viola da gamba

Rocío Marquez Vocals

Rami Alqhai Viola da gamba

Dani de Morón Flamenco Guitar

Agustín Diassera Percussion

Originating with Andalusia’s »gitanos« and looking back on centuries of history, flamenco is the quintessence of Spanish music today. Passionate, painful, but also full of boundless joy, flamenco grapples with humanity’s great issues: death, redemption, courage and compassion. It is engraved within collective memory, yet has undergone change after change and assimilated new influences. In Ludwigsburg, this cultural heritage is now juxtaposed with Spanish baroque music whose melodies crossed the seas from Andalusia to South America, leading to a style all its own there. Performed by vocalist Rocío Márquez, viola da gamba player Fahmi Alqhai and his ensemble

Accademia del Piacere, these baroque chaconas, marionas and tangos meet flamenco, creating a vivid confluence of tradition and renewal.

The concert will be broadcast by Deutschlandfunk Kultur at a later date.

Image © Javier Diaz de Luna

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28 May



Karten 35 € Festspielgäste in Ausbildung 15 €

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