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»360° Audiowalk – #explore_mozart«

In the current crisis, the value of walks has been re been recognized. Yet in the past, walking was taken for granted, to find inner peace. Artists, in particular, have sought for valuable inspiration. With #explore_mozart, the STEGREIF.orchester dedicates itself to one of these artists: In the digital 360° audiowalk the diversity of the surroundings will be explored on individually definable walking routes. The ensemble deals with Mozart both musically and politically. His five masonic ideals – liberty, equality, brotherhood, tolerance and humanity – are reflected today in the 17 sustainability goals. But this is not the only link to the Ludwigsburg festival: With the clarinet quintet in A major to be heard, Wilhelm Krämer also laid the foundation stone of the festival in the 1930s. You are cordially invited to get to know your personal favourite track with Mozart anew!

A co-production of the Ludwigsburg Festival with the STEGREIF.orchester.

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28 May