Mahan Mirarab

Fretless and jazz guitarist, composer

The musician and composer Mahan Mirarab captivates audiences with his rich musical vocabulary and profound knowledge of many musical styles. Raised in the Iranian capital Tehran, he represents a generation of young musicians with a migration background in Europe who are changing the boundaries of sound in the music industry. Obviously, they are demonstrating the potential of more diversity in terms of the emergence of new musical qualities, dialogues and creativity. Mahan Mirarab also opens up new insights into the cultures of the Middle East. His compositions and arrangements range from jazz, experimental and folk music to classical and new music for film, dance and theatre. In 2022, Mirarab gave over 70 concerts worldwide. He also released the album »Say Your Most Beautiful Word«, which he recorded with his sextet during the Corona Pandemic.

Mahan Mirarab

© Saleh Rozati




Sun 16 July 19:00

Alte Kelter Bietigheim, Baden-Württemberg

»Beyond all borders«

vision string quartet

tickets 25–40 €, reduced 15 €
Schlossfestspiele Ludwigsburg