Schlossfestspiele Ludwigsburg
»Spoken Moments Poetry« 2022

On March 26, the participants of the »Spoken Moments Poetry« workshop got together in Ludwigsburg and spent six intense and creative hours at Palais Grävenitz under the motto »Typ. Man. Character.« Whether writing or organizing, everyone was able to contribute as he or she wished in preparation for the concert on May 15, 2022, as part of the Ludwigsburg Festival. The resulting texts finally met the »monograms« of the contemporary composer York Höller. This documentary gives an insight into this exciting process, from the first encounter to the final bow.

Hanni Liang Piano, Concept

Timo Brunke poet, author, concept

Niklas Kriso, Sebastian Wehner, Eyke Grohs Team Organization

Alma Müller, Carlotta Koch, Elise Heinz, Eyke Grohs, Janine Schäfer, Mirella Alan, Mia Kühling, Sebastian Wehner, Sophie Schefel / Sofka, Susanne Sterzenbach, Timon Kriso Team Texts

Simon Schneckenburger Director, Camera

Nico Schrenk Camera

Lukas Wengorz Editing

Timo Klabunde Sound

Sponsored by the Ruprecht Foundation

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