Gary Joplin Workshop leader

Balthazar Bender Workshop leader

Kit Schuster Workshop leader

Birgit Holzwarth Costume

Are you interested in diverse and queer issues? Do you feel like moving? Then you are cordially invited to come to Ludwigsburg at the beginning of July and take part in four workshops that are closely linked to the play »THE 3RD BOX«. This guest performance will be performed on 10 July and visited together as the conclusion of the workshops. There, four performers will exchange intensively about their own ongoing journeys of self-discovery around the theme of gender identity. Through self-written texts and movement sequences, they open up a space of physical self-exploration that encourages audience participation and self-reflection.

The »3RD BOX WORKSHOP« will enable the audience to perceive »THE 3RD BOX« on a deeper, more personal level on 10 July. Gary Joplin, the co-choreographer of the piece, will lead the workshop together with two of the participating performers, Balthazar Bender and Kit Schuster. Through physical inquiry and conversational exchange, the workshop will deepen one's connection to issues around gender identity: from gentle movement sequences and improvisational explorations to guided body meditations and short writing exercises. This will enable everyone to question and explore their personal relationship to gender in a safe and playful way. Costume and set designer Birgit Holzwarth supports this process by providing layers of identity to experiment with, through which we can see and feel how clothing affects our sense of gender and identity.

The workshop allows for a safe place to meet and explore. For this we are looking for ANYONE aged 15+ who feels like exploring this. No dance experience? No problem! More important is your motivation. So send us a short profile with your name, age, place of residence and a few sentences about what moves you personally about the topic and why you would like to participate. You can register until 1 July via email:

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